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Connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to your Mac with a USB cable. Open the Photos app. The Photos app shows an Import screen with all the photos and videos that are on your connected device. If the Import screen doesn't automatically appear, click the device's name in the Photos sidebar Copy photos from iPhone to Mac with AnyTrans . iCloud and Photos are obvious choices for image transferring, but they're not without flaws. If you want to transfer all content from your iPhone without having to wait forever, and back it up at the same time, a third-party utility like AnyTrans for iOS makes much more sense.. A combination of a backup tool and media downloader, AnyTrans helps. Method 1. How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Mac Wirelessly. The easiest way to download pictures from iPhone to Mac is to use AirDrop. Using AirDrop is quite convenient, especially when you don't have a USB cable available. To AirDrop photos from iPhone to Mac successfully, make sure your devices are within the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth range Option 1: How to Import All Photos from iPhone to Mac at Once. If you want to copy all the photos on your iPhone, like Camera Roll photos, Photo Stream photos, iTunes synced photos, iCloud sharing photos, and album photos, or some other specific albums to Mac, here's how to do it How to Copy Photos from iPhone to Mac Step 1. Connect your device to the software. At beginning, install and run the free iPhone photo to Mac transfer tool to your Mac, run it. In the home menu, click Backup Option, then you will come to the backup panel

If you have an iPhone, you more than likely take a lot of photos with it. After all, the best camera is the one with you, and who goes without their iPhone?While there are great photo editing apps out there, maybe you just prefer to do your photo editing on your Mac instead (and don't forget about how to transfer photos from your Mac to your iPhone) Besides being ideal for safekeeping, iCloud also makes it easy to access your photos from any device, such as working with your iPhone photos on a Mac, or even a PC

How to transfer photos from an iPhone or iPad to a Mac

On your iPhone, head to Settings > Photos, scroll down, and then tap Automatic under Transfer to Mac or PC. Your iPhone automatically converts the photos to .JPEG files when you import them to a PC. If you select Keep Originals instead, your iPhone will give you the original .HEIC files Transfer WhatsApp Photos From iPhone to Mac. Follow the steps below to Transfer WhatsApp Photos From iPhone to Mac. 1. Connect your iPhone to Mac using lighting to USB cable. 2. Unlock your iPhone by entering your Lock Screen Passcode or using Face/Touch ID. 3. Next, open the Photos app on your Mac (in case it does not automatically open) 4 Step 1: Connect your external hard drive to your Mac. Firstly, you need to connect the hard drive to your Mac and ensure it shows up in the finder's sidebar. To confirm that the hard drive is working, try to copy a file or anything from your Mac to it, and if does copies, then the hard drive is formatted to use with a Mac

Transfer Photos from iPhone to Flash Drive on Mac. How to Directly Move Photos from iPhone to Flash Drive on Mac. If you want to find a direct way to transfer photos from iPhone to flash drive on Mac, FonePaw iOS Transfer, one of the top iOS transferring software, will be a good choice for you Click the Photo Transfer button to get your pictures from Camera roll. Then choose the photos you would like to transfer from iPhone to Mac and drag it and drop on your Mac or hit the Export button to do the task, the picture will successfully moved to your Mac computer. You can also copy pictures in batch via Shift key or Select All.

3. Both iPhone and Mac should have Wi-Fi. 4. iPhone and Mac should be nearby. 5. For the most important, please make sure the AirDrop on your iPhone and Mac should work well, if you have any problem, you can refer to this guide for solving AirDrop not working on iOS. AirDrop Photos from iPhone to Mac. 1. Turn on AirDrop on both iPhone and Mac. 2 On your iPhone: The iPhone may ask if you want to accept the photos, just tap Accept to save the picture send from your Mac. The Bottom Line As you can see, compared to iTunes, it's much easier and quicker to use AnyTrans to transfer photos from Mac to iPhone, easy-to-operate and no data loss We explain 7 simple ways to transfer photos and video from an iPhone to a Mac. Find out how to use iCloud photos, Photo Stream, iCloud Files, Messages, Airdrop and more to import photos to your Mac

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All solutions for how to download pictures from iPhone to Mac are fairly easy to implement and will help you free up more storage, as well as back up and retain access to your photos. In case you're filming and editing lots of videos, you might be interested in how to transfer videos from iPhone to Mac too This video explains how to transfer your photos from your iPhone to your Mac computer using the the Image Capture app. The Image Capture app is pre-installed..

To copy these images to a folder on your Mac's hard drive or external drive, go to File > Export > Export Photos. 3. Image Capture App On Mac. Image Capture is another app you can use to copy photos from your iPhone to Mac. This app requires you to connect your iPhone to the computer with a USB cable Transfer photos iPhone to laptop - TouchCopy Photos section. The easiest and most thorough way to transfer your iPhone photos to your laptop is to use a professional data transfer application such as TouchCopy.Photos from a Camera Roll can be transferred without this software (Option 3), but to transfer photos from other albums, TouchCopy is needed For long website links, that's not easy though. Well, the easy solution is just to copy and paste the URL from iPhone to Mac. Not only the URLs, but you can also copy a Phone number, text content, or even the images too. Let's see how to copy a URL from iPhone to mac and open the same website on mac screen Select and Copy iPhone Photos To Mac: On your Mac (Running macOS Mojave or later), open Photos app > Device > [Your iPhone Name] > Choose Photos and Videos from New Items and Click Import to copy these pictures from iPhone to your Mac

Method 4. Move Photos from Mac to iPhone Using with Mobile Transfer. The last method to be discussed involves the use of 3rd-party software——DataKit Transfer to transfer photos from Mac to iPhone. FoneTrans can be used to easily move media files (photos, videos, music, contacts, etc) from your Mac to your iPhone Step 1: Connect your iPhone to Mac computer using a USB cable. Step 2: Launch Image Capture application on your Mac. Step 3: Select your iPhone from the device list. Step 4: Open the output folder for your iPhoto photos. Step 5: Click on Import to transfer pictures from iPhone to Mac

5 Ways: How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Mac in 2020

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Mac [6 Ways

iPhone Pictures Transfer - Transfer Photos from iPhone to Mac. If you are searching for how to transfer photos from iPhone to Mac, this article will do you a great favor.Many people, especially the new users of iPhone and Mac do not have a clear understanding of the data transferring between iPhone and Mac iPhone has been widely used to take pictures or videos and store files like voice memos and notes as it is easy to carry around. However, there might be times when you wish to transfer files from iPhone to Mac How to transfer a photo album from your iPhone to your Mac A reader wants to import a single photo album, not everything, to her Mac. But it can't be easily done For every iPhone user, there comes a point when they want to know how to transfer photos from their iPhone to a computer, whether it be a Mac or PC, desktop or laptop. Uploading and downloading pictures from your iPhone is a smart way to create more storage space on your iOS device. There are a multitude of ways in which you can import your photos or videos to your computer, including AirDrop.

Restart iPhone and Mac; Reinstall macOS Catalina; Part 2: How to Import Photos from iPhone to Mac Solution 1: Get Photos from iPhone to Mac with Preview. Preview allows you to view anything on the Mac and pictures are included. Thus this is an easy way for importing iPhone photos to Mac From here, right-click on iPhone and select Import pictures and videos. Finish by selecting Import all new items now and clicking Next to begin importing your photos. To learn more, including how to transfer specific images from your iPhone using the Windows 10 Photos App, scroll down How to Copy Files From Mac to iPhone and iPad. Plug your ‌iPhone‌, ‌iPad‌, or ‌iPod touch‌ into your Mac using the supplied cable. If you have a USB-C Mac, you may need an adapter

How to Copy Photos from iPhone to Mac(Macbook Pro, Air

It supports users to free copy photos from iPhone to Mac with 9 pictures per time after you log in your WeChat account on both iPhone and Mac. Followed by right-click Save picture as on Mac computer via WeChat dialog box. The iPhone photo transfer speed is comparatively fast as long as your network connection doesn't get stuck in traffic How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Computer (Mac, PC, iCloud & AirDrop): Updated for iOS 12 & macOS Mojave If you're wanting to know how to transfer pictures from your iPhone to your computer, you have lots of options. The classic way to download pictures from iPhone is to use the photo transfer feature in the built-in Photos app both Mac and PC offer Mac OS X (macOS Sierra) offers a good number of iPhone to Mac photo importing methods, like the Photos app (formerly named iPhoto), iCloud Photo Library, AirDrop, etc. If you want to import photos from iPhone Camera Roll and Photo Library to Mac, and want to find your photos by Albums, it's suggested to have a try with PrimoPhoto , a simple yet professional iPhone Photo Manager software Access iPhone photos on Mac without iTunes for free, including Camera Roll and Photo Stream.; Photos can be displayed according to added date or albums. Transfer photos, or the full album (not just photos) from iPhone to Mac or external hard drive without iTunes, selectively in bulk or all at once

1.Use cloud drive like Dropbox, One Drive. Upload your photos from iPhone to cloud and download on your Mac. 2.Use iTunes to transfer photos from iPhone to Mac. Open iTunes > Connect your iPhone > Select your phone's icon in the Devices list on the left. Click the Photos tab Connect your iPhone to your MacBook Pro using a Lightning-to-USB cable. Unlock your phone and confirm it recognizes the Mac if prompted. The Photos app on your MacBook should open once the connection is made, open this app, if not, and select your iPhone from the window on the left If you are new to iPhone and owns a Mac, then it would take hours to figure out how to transfer your precious photos to a Mac. However, when you landed on this page, then there is no need to worry about that anymore. We are here to provide 3 different ways to help you transfer iPhone pictures to a Mac Copy Pictures from iPhone Lightning to USB for PC or Mac Amanda Moczygemba. Loading Windows 10, and Mac OS, iPhone 5, 6, 7, and an iPad Air Open Photos on your iPhone. Select the photos and videos you'd like to transfer. Click the Share icon to open the share sheet. In the AirDrop section, you should see your Mac pop up. Just tap on.

Transfering your photos and videos from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch to your Mac or Windows PC should be easy. But it's often not! Apple prefers us to use iCloud Photo Library to keep our Photos synced between our iDevices and Mac How to transfer photos from iPhone to external Hard Drive. If you wish to transfer your photos or other data from iPhone 5/6/7/8/X/11 to external hard drive, you may use different software for these purposes: iTunes or windows explorer. However, it's not so easy even for advanced users to transfer photos from iPhone to Windows XP/7/8/10 or MacOS and it goes without saying, that the opposite. Next, we move to the Mac Laptop. If you are a Mac user, you certainly want to know how to download pictures from iPhone to laptop to keep a backup or for any other reason. Mac has a powerful though a lesser-known feature which can help you transfer the photos from iPhone to Mac Laptop, that is using iPhoto inbuilt service to Mac Operating system

How to transfer photos from your iPhone to your Mac iMor

How To Import Photos From Your iPhone and iPad To Your Mac - Duration: 3:30. Dusty Porter 361,089 views. 3:30. Copy Pictures and Videos from iPhone to your Windows PC - Duration: 10:17 Transfer WhatsApp Photos from iPhone to Mac Follow the steps mentioned below if you are using a Mac and you need to transfer WhatsApp photos from iPhone to Mac. Step 1: Similarly, here, you also need to connect your iPhone to Mac via USB cable. Step 2: Next, you need to unlock your iPhone by entering the correct passcode Transferring Photos From a Mac to an iPhone. Once you've filed and edited your photo on your Mac, you'll want to transfer it back to your iPhone. It's a great idea to make a gallery of pictures on your phone so that you can show people your work. Here are some options. iTunes. Connect your phone to your computer and sync it with iTunes

Many Mac users rely on their iPhone as their primary digital camera, but even if you have a separate camera, or use a variety of memory cards stuffed with images, you may wish to copy pictures from any of those devices directly into the Photos app of Mac OS X If you want to transfer pictures from iPhone to external hard drive on Mac, here's happy news for you. We are providing here 4 convenient and easy ways to backup iPhone photos to external drive on Mac, including iPhone X/8/7/6S/6 (Plus). Part 1. Get Wondershare TunesGo(Mac) to Export Photos from iPhone to External Hard Drive; Part 2 If you are using Mac and want to transfer WhatsApp data, do not worry follow the mentioned steps. Connect your iPhone to Mac using a USB cable. Open your iPhone with your password. Click on the photos app on your Mac (sometimes it opens automatically). Now, in the Photos app, click on your iPhone device name As we all know, current with the rapid popularity of the Apple iPhone Smartphone, many iPhone users are hoping to take a picture, video to record details of their life, or purchase songs, app from iTunes on Mac, after coming back home, they like to transfer photos from iPhone 4 to Mac and transfer music from iPhone to Mac for backup. There are no surprises that the benefits of Apple iOS. Transfer Pictures/Images from iPhone 4/4S/5 to Mac Guide . Step 1: Free download this software, install and run it. Once connect iPhone device to Mac with USB cable, and you will see an intuitive interface which consists of iPhone device info. Step 2: Click Photo button from the left list to choose the picture that you want to copy

However, in most cases, transferring pictures from an iPhone to a PC is simple and straightforward. So these are the 3 ways to move iPhone photos to your computer. Whether you're transferring photos to edit them on a bigger screen or trying to back up your iPhone to a PC, it's fairly easy to do with the tools above 3 For Mac: Use Photos App to Save iPhone Photos to USB. The Photos app may not be present on older versions of the Mac operating system but the iPhoto will be present. The steps involved to transfer iPhone photos to Mac using iPhoto are similar to the new Photos app. With the aid of a USB or iOS cable, connect iPhone or iPad to your Mac Transfer Pictures from iPhone 6s to Computer with PrimoPhoto. Conclusion. We can easily draw the conclusion that PrimoPhoto gives you more freedom on photo management for your iPhone. With it, it would be much easier to transfer SOME or Entire Camera Roll photos from iPhone to PC/Mac as well as pictures in Photo Library and Albums. Try. Unlock your iPhone using Touch ID or enter your Passcode. This will prompt a question asking if you want to trust the computer you just connected to.Step 3, On the iPhone, tap Trust or Allow. This allows the iPhone to share data with the computer so you can download the pictures and video. copy pictures from computer to iphone › Verified 2. Then connect your iPhone to your desktop Mac or PC via the USB cable. If everything goes ok, the iPhone icon at the top bar will be activated. Click on this icon and you will see some more menu on the left side-bar. Select the Photos menu item to open the Sync Photos screen

How to Transfer Photos From Your iPhone to a Computer

  1. Five easy ways to get your iPhone photos onto your Mac all your photo libraries on all your devices update as you take new pictures, so you don't have to copy your photos from one device to.
  2. Way 4: Transfer Photos from Mac to iPhone with AirDrop. If you are using a Mac computer that supports AirDrop, you can easily wirelessly transfer the photos from the Mac to your iPhone with AirDrop. Please note that this method is only suitable for transferring a small amount of pcitures. If you want to transfer your entire Mac photo library.
  3. For Mac users, the steps to copy photos from computer to iCloud are as easy as above. Open iPhoto on Mac and you can see the iCloud option under Shared category. Click it to check the pictures in iCloud. If you are using the same Apple ID on iPhone, there should be a folder named My Photo Stream
  4. And yes, you can even move pictures from computer to iPhone without iTunes. Tools and services like AirDrop, iCloud, Finder, Google Photos, Dropbox make it a breeze to export and sync content on multiple devices. So, let us dive right in and see all the easy methods to copy photos and videos from Mac or PC to iPhone and iPad
  5. In addition to copying all photos to Mac, I do want to keep some pics on my phone. It's for sure that you would like to know how to easily get the high-resolution pictures from Samsung phones/tablets to Mac. I knew it! Thus, here I'll introduce essential ways that can transfer photos/videos from Samsung S6, S7, S8, S9, S10 + to Mac. 1
  6. Part 2 - How to Selectively Copy iPhone Images to iPhone. To share some memorable photos from your iPhone to your friend's or family member's iPhone, you need a professional iPhone photo transfer software that is able to selectively transfer some pictures from iPhone to another one, instead of all the pictures
  7. With iExplorer, we simplified photo transfer for you. iExplorer lets you easily copy any photo from any iPhone, iPad or iPod to your PC or Mac. The following tutorial provides an indepth step-by-step walkthrough of how to access and transfer your pictures from your device to your computer

How to Transfer Photos From an iPhone to a P

How to Transfer WhatsApp Photos From iPhone to PC or Mac

  1. 4. Select all folders and files if you want to copy all pictures, then right-click and choose Copy (ore use the toolbar Copy). 5. Next, navigate to a folder like a Picture ore Documents and, optionally create a new sub folder, then use the Paste command to import the pictures from iPhone to the Windows 10 PC via Windows Explorer file system
  2. Mac OS does not allow SHIFT selecting multiple items in icon view. To SHIFT select photos on a Mac Computer, you'll need to be in either list or columns view. If you have any Apple Photos cloud services enabled you'll see thumbnails, but the full resolution file will only be available when you display the picture in full screen on the device
  3. Once the Image Capture App is Launched on Mac, you will see your iPhone in the Devices section. 5. Click on your iPhone and you will see all the images in the right window of the image capture screen. 6. By default, the Image Capture App transfers Photos from iPhone to a Folder on the Desktop of your Mac. However, you can choose any other.
  4. The iPhone is designed to fully integrate with Apple computers such as the MacBook Pro, which is why it's so baffling that you can't transfer your iPhone camera roll to your Mac directly through iTunes
  5. Apple offers many applications that integrate with OS X and iOS to make syncing an iPhone with a Mac as effortless as possible. Programs such as iTunes and iPhoto copy your media to library folders,.
  6. Now open Photos on your Mac, where your iPhone will appear under the Devices tab on the left side of the app. From here, you can browse through all of the photos or video in your iOS Camera Roll
  7. The quickest way to move your iPhone photos and videos to your Mac. Built-in OS X app Image Capture lets you quickly reclaim storage space on your iPhone by cleaning out your overloaded photo library

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to External Hard Driv

  1. Copy your pictures and videos from iPhone to your PC or Mac free. How To Manually Download Pictures to Mac: a Geek Squad 2 Minute Miracle - Duration: 1:56. Geek Squad 17,020 views
  2. When it comes to transferring edited photos from iPhone to computer, I mean those photos that you have to add effects or adjust brightness.As is known to all, these photos can be copied to the computer in their original looks without the effects attached. This has been a very hot topic among iPhone users ever since the built-in photo filter app is developed for iOS devices
  3. Transferring photos from iPhone X/8/7 to PC or Mac system is a simple task that can often get skewed causing serious photo loss situation. If you have also lost your valuable photos during one such event of photos transfer, then here's a guide to get back photos lost during transfer
  4. If you sync your iPhone with your Mac and have chosen the Download Originals, it's easy to back up your iPhone's photos: You can configure a regular, automatic backup using your Mac's Time Machine. You can copy your Photos Library like a file, by navigating to Users / [username] / Pictures in Finder and copying it to an external drive
  5. Transfer iPhone photos to computer as JPG. Select Automatic to select JPG format when transferring to Mac or PC computer. After that go to connect your iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X or later to your computer via USB, you can then find the photos in your Camera Roll are all in JPG file format
  6. Maybe you snap a screenshot of something on your Mac that you want to mark up on your iPad. Maybe it's as simple as a link you want to copy from Chrome on your iPhone over to Safari on your iPad. Whatever the reason, using the Universal Clipboard is convenient. Here's how to set it up and use it to copy and paste across iPhone, iPad, and Mac
  7. How to Transfer Photos from Your PC or Mac to iPhone AirDrop (for Mac) This tool works both ways, and there's also the ability to send photos to your iPhone from your Mac using AirDrop. To do so, select the photos you want to transfer in Finder, right-click on them, and choose Share > AirDrop. In the window that appears, select your iPhone and.

Transfer Photos from iPhone to Flash Drive on Windows/Mac

Once your iPhone is connected to the computer, wait for the AutoPlay window to appear. Select Import pictures and videos. From the available options, choose Review, organize, and group items to import if it's your first time to transfer photos from your iPhone 1. Download Photos from iPhone with Professional iPhone Photo Transfer Tool. MacX MediaTrans supporting Hardware Acceleration provides the fastest solution to download and export iPhone photos in a click - it only takes about 8s to download 100 4K photos from iPhone to Mac. It allows you to import photos from iPhone that is jailbroken or non-jailbroken, including live photos, HD pictures from. hi i have an iphone 4, and i want to know how to send my pictures from my phone to my laptop, i have icloud set up, itunes etc. so when i take a pic on my phone, it should automatically be on my laptop in the photo stream folder. i just can't seem to figure out what i'm doing wrong. there are some pics on my computer which were sent from my Iphone in the photo stream folder, but anything. And remember that if you delete the photos from your iPhone, the photos from your Mac will also be deleted unless you have exported them to your Mac. If you are low on storage on your Mac, you can try our first method of this section in which we have used pCloud to transfer all the photos to Mac from iPhone without using the storage of Mac

3 Ways to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Mac Fas

2. How to Move Photos from iPhone to Google Photos on Computer. There are two ways to do that. The first one is for offline photos, and the second one is for pictures stored in iCloud How do I properly copy photos from iphone to mac?? Question. Hey guys, when I try to import all from Image capture to a folder in my mac, I think it's just doubling the picture like copying a new version instead of giving me Overwrite the picture like in windows it automatically detects if you already have that photo in a folder 5. iPhotos (Mac) - Only migrate media files stored from Camera Roll. 6. Image Capture (Mac) - Good; only move videos and photos. 7. iTunes (Win & Mac) - Only transfer Apple Store purchases. Way 1. Transfer Videos from iPad/iPhone to PC/Mac with Phone Manager. Way 2. Copy Videos to PC from iOS with Photos app (AutoPlay) Way 3 Step 3: Start iPhone albums transfer. Select the photo albums you want to copy to computer, and click the Export button from the top menu to start to transfer photo album from iPhone to PC. Above operations and screenshots are captured from Windows version. Mac users can download the Mac version of the program and the operations are almost.

How to Quickly AirDrop Photos from iPhone to Mac

The last method can be the fastest way to transfer iPhone X photos to computer. iOS Data Transfer supports 1-click backup data from iOS devices to PC, including contacts, messages, call logs, photos, pictures, videos, music and more. With the help of this program, you can transfer all photos and pictures from iPhone X to PC with ease If you haven't used AirDrop to transfer files between your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, it's fairly straightforward. On your phone or tablet, open the large file you wish to copy. Tap the Share icon. If you have a large number of pictures to transfer, the best approach is to connect your iPad to your computer and use the iTunes program. The steps to copy the photos to your iOS device are: 1. Connect your iPad or iPhone to your computer with the USB sync cable. 2. Find your connected device in iTunes

How to Transfer Photos from Mac to iPhone? 4 Ways - iMobi

  1. Take a picture of some printed data Maybe you'd like to get data from your previous tax returns into Excel and you only have printed copies. Just take a picture of each one, transfer the pictures to your Mac (OneDrive is great for this). Then, click Insert > Data From Picture > Picture From File and follow the on-screen instructions to.
  2. Once with Xilisoft iPhone Transfer for Mac, iPhone management on Mac becomes much easier than ever before. This Mac iPhone copy software makes it possible to backup iPhone music, SMS, videos, movies, photos, podcasts, etc to Mac and copy files from iPhone to iTunes
  3. This guide is specially written for Windows user. If you're a Mac user, you can follow the same steps on your Mac computer, too. First of all, connect your iPhone to computer with a USB cord. Then launch this iPhone Book Transfer on your PC. After that, you will see your iPhone info in the main interface just like the below picture shows

How to transfer photos & video from iPhone to Mac

  1. If you have an iPhone and Windows 10 PC, you probably would like to know how to transfer photos from the iPhone to the computer. With Windows 10, there are several ways to quickly copy files to the PC, and we'll show you two of the best approaches using the Windows 10 Photos app to directly import photos to the PC (similar to copying pictures from iPhone into Photos app on Mac), and the more.
  2. Click Transfer Device Photos to Mac. In the pop up window, you could select all the photos by pressing Command + A or select a portion of photos by clicking on them. Step 3. Now click on Export button near the Add button, and choose Export to Mac as below. Step 4. Browse your Mac to choose a folder for saving these photos. That's it
  3. 5.1 Can you automatically save pictures from iMessage and the iOS Message app? 6 Use a third-partycautiously ; 7 5 steps to save all images from text messages for Mac. 7.1 Drag and drop photos from your Mac's Messages app; 8 Using iOS 11.4 and above? Try Messages in iCloud out! 8.1 Enable iCloud messages on your iPhone and iPa
  4. Pictures from your vacations, family snapshots, selfies, and more. If you use a Mac, you can store your photo library in Apple's Photos app and sync them to your iPhone. If you use a PC, you can sync photos from a number of apps to your iPhone or iPad using iTunes
  5. TunesGo iPhone Transfer is the best option for you to transfer photos from PC to iPhone 7 Plus. This iPhone Transfer tool is an extremely handy software program that allows its users to manage their media on Apple devices and allows them to transfer it from one device to the other witout going through the hassle of using iTunes and worrying about losing your valuable data
  6. Copy and import pictures from iPhone 7plus, iPhone 7 to PC devices. Here will show you how to copy and import the pictures from your iPhone 7plus, iPhone 7 to a PC Devices. And then you can back up your photos to PC and free up the space of your iPhone. Windows or Mac PC Transfer photos from iPhone to Windows compute
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How to transfer songs, pictures and movies from iPod touch to computer (PC) ml_iPod is a Winamp plugin which enables you load music onto and off of Apple iPod without using iTunes instead of using Winamp's Media Library. One of the main attractions of the plugin is being able to transfer movies from iPod to computer which is not possible with Apple's iTunes software, and also enable you to. That's it. The photos were succesfully copied from the computer to the iPhone. How to transfer photos from PC to iPhone via iTunes. Alternatively, you can use iTunes to sync pictures to iPhone. The obvious disadvantage of the method is the fact that you cannot control and manage the photos you transfer to iPhone You can copy text and images on your iPhone or iPad, and paste it on the Mac, and vice-versa. Here's how What you have to do is to copy and transfer an entire folder. Locate iOS backups in iCloud . If you use iCloud for iPhone backups, you don't have to suffer from the low storage problem. Once your iPhone or iPad files are backed up, you can simply delete the backups. None of your valuable data will be damaged icon, located at the upper right portion of the screen. Navigate to and select the photos you wish to upload. Hold the CTRL key to select multiple files. Select Open to upload the selected photo files. You should now be able to view the pictures in the Photo app on your iPhone or iPad

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